The Importance of Brand Consistency

The Importance of Brand Consistency

June 30, 2020

Brand consistency is a term that can be used to describe the theory behind the law of attraction in business. It's pretty simple to understand the law of attraction – if you're consistent in behavior, it will start to become a habit and attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on – this is just one way to explain how the law of attraction works. Brand Consistency has more to do with conforming to the goals of the company and embodying the company's mission, vision, goals, and value, long-term. Just think about it… how does your company represent itself? If you're just getting started with your business, you can begin by brainstorming with the design, production, and marketing processes that will build your Brand.

It is an important goal to build a brand reputation that will withstand any adversity. From its inception, a company has to have consistently identified with their Brand. Many people believe that they should focus on popular products and concepts, but some experts suggest that people should try to put their brand image first. Brands that are not consistent tend to suffer some drawbacks in the long run. There are positive and negative effects on consistency, but the negative will outweigh the positive. Below are some of the consequences that must be considered when you are establishing a consistent Brand:Negative effects:

  1. The first and perhaps most apparent negative effect of inconsistency is your credibility. When you cannot be consistent with your Brand image, you will seem very disorganized, unclear, irrelevant, and even untrustworthy. Your credibility is essential to the success of your business.
  2. The next negative impact of inconsistent branding is the effect it has on your brand image. It is a fact that consistent brands are perceived to be more trustworthy and better to work with, and this perception can have a significant effect on the success of your business — people associate consistency with reliability with high quality.

Now that you know some negative effects, keep in mind that the power of the Brand is important, but the question of effectiveness is also equally significant. The concept of uni-directional marketing has gained quite a bit of momentum in today's busy world. Within a company, the key to success has shifted from pure sales and marketing to continuous close-through to the customer and enhancing the product, offering, and message to make the relationship more beneficial and close-through – each element of this concept is essential. Without the continuous, close-through to the customer, the value and relevance of the Brand are reduced.

In today's digital age, by the mere touch of a mouse, a company can directly influence the user, will target them based on their criteria, and create unique customer demand. For example, the current generation has been enthralled by the experience of shopping. The unique "skin" of a brand is what makes a customer aware of its uniqueness and exactly how it will affect their life. The advantage is that the customer is not only empowered by the Brand, but its uniqueness also convinces them. This uniqueness gives the consumer the power to choose the Brand with confidence.

Lastly, to reiterate, a consistent brand is more than likely to be perceived as high quality. You must strive to create a consistent brand image that your consumers will feel will enable them to establish a positive image. It is your job to create consistency for your company, and the importance is apparent and is worthy of careful thought. Without consistency, you risk losing customers, undermining your brand image, and damaging your reputation as a business owner.

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