How Consumer Needs Shape Search Behavior and Drive Intent

How Consumer Needs Shape Search Behavior and Drive Intent

March 17, 2020

When it comes to how consumer needs shape search behavior and drive intent, the majority of us are no longer content to accept a slow and moderate life as the norm. Now that we've found ways to meet our own needs, we want others to know about them, too.

Online shoppers are continually seeking more convenience and satisfaction, especially when it comes to the value of a good product or service. These consumers are looking for information about products, prices, what they should expect, and how they can most effectively satisfy their needs. While many businesses are aware of the importance of informing consumers, it's often difficult to persuade them that their needs are equally important.

If you take away the worry, "Everyone knows this," you'll see that this notion actually limits our ability to satisfy the wants and needs of other people. In truth, many people do not want to have to provide information, and the overwhelming majority of people are more than happy to provide information voluntarily. There's nothing wrong with wanting to avoid coercion and having the freedom to choose what information to share. That's not, however, the same thing as expecting others to provide you with what you want.

It's a sad fact that many marketers have failed to understand this distinction because, for so long, they were the ones demanding more information. Just because we don't want to give something doesn't mean it should be offered to us. In fact, the opposite is true - that we should only receive information when we're ready to hear it. If you want to avoid constant pressure to give out all the information, you possibly can ask your customers what they'd like to know.

You'll find that most people will tell you that you should offer them the exact information they're searching for. At least some of them will insist that it's not enough to tell them about their needs and that they want some answers. If you focus on providing these customers with the information they're looking for, you'll find that they come to expect a good deal more from you.

So if you're concerned about how consumer needs shape search behavior and drive intent, perhaps it's time to think about changing your approach. Instead of focusing solely on giving customers more of what they want, provide them with something of value, and let them know that you are doing so. If they expect more of you, they'll give you what you're looking for, too.

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