5 Free Online E-Commerce Solutions

5 Free Online E-Commerce Solutions

March 16, 2021

E-commerce solutions include all of the tools, products and services that a company may use in order to conduct business online. There are a wide range of e-commerce solutions available, including tools that help traditional businesses to design, create, and operate online and off.

If you have never looked for or used these kinds of online tools before, it can actually seem a bit overwhelming because there are so many. You may not even be sure where to start.

Here you can find the top five e-commerce solutions your business should be using, even if you aren’t an e-commerce based company.


The success of your business will be greatly helped by your ability to create and change plans quickly, keep people on task and communicate and collaborate on projects. There are several free online platforms that will help with business planning. One of the most popular is Notion.

Not only will this kind of platform give you some solid tools for planning, but it will also allow you to follow which team member is working on what and when. This makes working offsite and collaborating online significantly easier. Another online tool for team collaboration that you can try is G Suite.

Business Cards

In a business setting, meeting new acquaintances still calls for the exchanging of business cards. You may make hundreds of phone calls and send thousands of emails, but the personal interaction of exchanging business cards will likely always remain a tradition.

Another important aspect of business cards is that they are a staple in places of business. Customers look for business cards to keep track of your phone numbers and websites for future reference. They also act as a great printed marketing material as regular customers may pass your business card on to family or friends when referring them to your business.

To create your own business cards online, try Business Cards.

Graphics and Images

Graphics and images increase both awareness and sales. There are many free online tools for graphic design. One of the most commonly used are Canva and Poster My Wall. Canva is a broader tool and is geared more for social media post use, while Poster My Wall is designed for flyers and posters.

There are two kinds of images you will need, stock images for marketing and pictures of your product. For stock images, Unsplash has free images you can use. If you are taking your own photos of your products, you can use an online editor like Fotor to touch them up and make them look professional.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important platforms you can use to reach out to your customers and build brand loyalty. There are so many social media sites and staying on top of them all can become very time consuming. A tool like Hootsuite can streamline social media for you and put all of the different platforms in one place. It even gives you a way to schedule posts to make staying active a lot simpler.

Customer Feedback

Being able to access the thoughts and feelings of your customers is the most valuable marketing asset that you will ever have. This is why having direct access to customers on social media has been so effective for many brands. There are online tools that will help you to specifically ask for feedback from customers to gain even more insight.

Whitespark will help you create handouts you can physically give to customers asking for feedback, while SurveyMonkey will allow you to create online surveys for your customers.


Budgeting is a delicate balance as a business owner. You don’t want to cut too many corners and hurt your professionalism and reputation. Your best option is to use the free resources available to you and then invest money where it is necessary. This will give you a good balance of savings and investing while producing effective results.

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