How we work.

At first glance, the process we follow is simple, but it incorporates many important details that are vital to a successful innovation process.

This process can be conducted on a small scale for a few innovation ideas, or serve as the foundation for multi-program innovation at large corporations. Whichever the case, the key is not to skip any steps while still moving at a speed suited for innovation.


years of experience

A combined team of engineers. Our strategic, experimental approach and fast execution are a solid recipe for building an innovation culture and making new digital offerings that let you keep your core business in focus.



In every project, we overcome challenges using our deep experience in software development and engineering. We develop software for consumer, enterprise/industrial, and medical industries, and also develop software products that blend and define new industries.

Focused onDesign

We're design thinkers, and set a high bar for high quality, well-designed and functional products.

Minimal &

Feel like your product is a constant source of bugs and technical debt? We help you start fresh or refresh without breaking the bank.

Custom &Unique

Your project deserves more than a template. Everything is designed and tailored from scratch to fit your specific needs.

We can help you with…

Web Development

We're a  design first agency creating next‑level websites by strategically blending user experience and brand storytelling. Our web designers and developers create responsive websites that feel at home on any device. Product landing pages, marketing sites, or UX UI for company intranet portals – we do it all.

App Development

We believe business software deserves the user‑friendliness and aesthetics of best‑in‑class consumer apps. We're a digital agency that transforms legacy enterprise platforms into delightful, consumer‑grade experiences and design new B2B products that people love using.

E-Commerce & Marketplace

We are full‑stack engineers providing front‑end and back‑end development services working closely with our designers. As a UX UI and app development company, we build native mobile apps for iOS andAndroid, web applications, apps for wearables, andB2B/enterprise software.

Branding & Strategy

A brand today is all about how it makes your customers feel. It's not a logo, visual identity, or digital product design. but rather a cohesive system that spans across all mediums and touch points. We're a branding agency offering a complete solution from naming and logo design to communications and style guides.

User Experience

UI/UX design is a defining factor for any digital product these days. We're focused on improving conversion and increasing customer engagement. Our UI/UX design capabilities don't stop at mobile apps, web applications, or multi‑platform digital experiences. We create products and services that provide outstanding usability while fully embracing your brand's personality.

CTO as a Service

The rapid pace of technological evolution means there is no single company without risk of disruption over the course of the next decade. UBT's CAAS or 'CTO as a Service' unit works with clients to help them transform into successful businesses of the modern economy, embracing digital as a central driver to future success.